Monday, March 23, 2015

Now I am in hospital

They released Marshall and on the way home I had chest pains and was dizzy so we called 911 and met the ambulance in town. Marshall had to drive himself home and I am now in Parkview. Gina will stay with him to take care of him.

The doctor tells me I have Atrial fibrillation. I will see a cardiologist tomorrow to get the scoop. And I will be talking to my sister since she has had A-fib for quite a few years. I'm sure stress had something to do with this.

I'm so tired.....

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Back to emergency room!

Marshall has had a weird pain in his chest for several days and today it was a stabbing pain. It is in an area where he knows he has a hernia so maybe that's what it is but it moved around a bit today and intensified so it was worrisome. We are in the emergency room (at Parkview...his "favorite" hospital) waiting for various tests to be done.

We went to the clinic in town first (which has periodically come close to going out of business) and the doctor was so ridiculously unprofessional. He said "We all have to die some day." They couldn't do X-rays and they couldn't draw blood. Good grief.

I will post update later.

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Friday, March 20, 2015


Another week has gone by. The home nurse called today and said the doctor is going to prescribe something for Marshall to help with the withdrawal symptoms. He thinks she said methodone, but we haven't heard from Walgreens yet so not sure.

Coco hasn't had any issues since last night, so maybe things are resolving. I am cautiously optimistic.

And it's funny, but I'm back on oxygen here at the house. I don't need oxygen outside or even in town, but when I get home and in the house my oxygen levels drop.

And we got a call today from my doctor's office. He has decided he can still keep me as a patient so I have an appointment on May 1st and I will try to start figuring out if I'm having anxiety attacks or if there's anything else going on.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Morphine withdrawal symptoms continue

The home health nurse was here today and she said she will check with the doctor to see what to do to make the morphine withdrawal a little easier to take.

The physical therapist was here today, too, so Marshall worked with her for 30 minutes.

The mud massage was just as glorious as I expected it to be. I will be doing it again for sure.

And Coco continues to have this little weird problem with his "plumbing" and we are monitoring it regularly to see if it resolves. Otherwise, we are told it is pretty serious stuff. Just what I needed -- something else to worry about. Hopefully it will resolve in a day or two. My worrying is at full capacity already.

That's it for today.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Morphine withdrawal

Marshall is continuing to have pretty severe symptoms that we are pretty sure are still related to coming off of the morphine. The home health care nurse will be coming by tomorrow and they are going to talk about that.

But Marshall has severe insomnia (which is really tough because he takes sleeping pills), uncontrollable tremors, hot flashes, cold spells and pain, as well as others. He is really struggling with this. It seems like nothing will settle down, every day is something new to worry about.

The physical therapist came on Tuesday and got him started back on building his strength. And in the afternoon the chaplain from Humana Home Health Care came by and spent several hours with Marshall. This is his second visit and he really is more of a counselor when he's here than a chaplain. His visits have been very beneficial for Marshall and we've asked him to come by again.

Today I took Coco back to the vet for lab work and he FINALLY got a clean bill of health. He still has some small issues that we need to deal with but we don't go back to the vet for another six months -- unless, of course, we need to. For a 14-year-old dog, he's doing pretty good.

I tried to make an appointment with my doctor today (to get a good physical and see if I am having anxiety attacks or if something else is going on) and guess what! My doctor is now only working two days a week and he is cutting back on his patient load and since I haven't been to see him in a few years, I am no longer his patient. ARRGGGH. I'll try to get a referral tomorrow.

I have an appointment tomorrow to get a "mud massage." Not sure exactly what that is, but it sounded glorious.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Not feeling well

Sunday was kind of quiet and we got all unpacked and settled back at home.  He is starting to wean himself off of the big heavy brace he's been wearing.  It feels good to take it off but then his back gets very tired and he has to put it back on.

Today we went to Pueblo to see Dr. Gonzales at the VA.  It was just a 'touch base' appointment.

We went to lunch around noon and he started feeling bad, some chest pain and other joint pain that got him very depressed since he had gotten used to being pain free.

He's been weaning himself off of the morphine so I did some research when we got home on whether or not there are side effects from getting off of morphine.  And lo and behold, there are quite a few.  So it is possible that part of the reason he is feeling crappy is because of the withdrawal of morphine.  We'll see.

He didn't feel like eating anything and went to bed early.

Tomorrow he starts back on physical therapy.

We have a wedding to go to in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on April 4.  I hope he ends up feeling good enough to go.

I'm still experiencing what I assume is anxiety attacks, but I'm working on the mindful breathing.  That seems to help.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

We are home

Yesterday Marshall had his last radiation treatment and we had a relaxing night at the hotel and came home today. The hotel bill was outrageous but we both thought it was worth it to make this whole two weeks more comfortable.

Marshall is now starting to wean himself off of the heavy brace he's been wearing while his spine surgery heals. And he will get started back up with physical therapy to build strength in his legs so he can walk without being wobbly. He is also almost weaned off of the morphine and he remains pain free. So it's looking like a "go" for a period of normalcy.

It was good to see our pets again. Coco is doing really well so that was more good news.

On Monday we head to Pueblo for an appointment with his VA doctor to kind of touch base.

March 17 will be the three-year anniversary of Marshall's biopsy confirming the diagnosis of Stage 4 prostate cancer. We will be starting Year Four off on a good foot.

I forgot to mention that the oncologist put Marshall back on the oral chemotherapy pill (cyclophosphamide/Cytoxan) to treat the cancer. Marshall was on this drug last year but it was discontinued when Marshall started having the back pain and they weren't sure what was causing it. So he will be on it again starting tomorrow. I can't remember if it had any side effects or not (or if we even realized whether or not there were side effects), so I have some research to do.

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